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Dentek nightguard dental protector mouthpiece for nighttime teeth grinding, 1 ea
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Dentek Nightguard Mouthpiece will reduce damage to teeth and prevent the noise associated with bruxing or teeth grinding. Offers dental protection for nighttime teeth grinding(Bruxism).

Similar to the custom Nightguard recommended by many dentists to help with teeth grinding, the DenTek Nightguard is custom fit to your teeth, so it is comfortable to wear all night.

Features of Dentek Nightguard Mouthpiece :
  • One Size Fits All.
  • Molds to your teeth for a custom fit.
  • Blue formable material when heated, molds to your upper molars, front teeth, and most of the gum line for optimal retention.
  • Harder base material cushions your teeth and prevents bite through from Bruxism/grinding.
  • Convenient Case with built in tray to hold guard.
  • Clear guidelines to help with trimming the Nightguard for an exact custom fit to your mouth.
Bruxism : It is the word dentists use to describe teeth grinding, and while you may have never heard the term before, chances are you have felt its impact. Some of us brux while we sleep. Bruxism is a subconscious behavior, most of us who are doing it aren't even aware of it.

How to know if you have Brux :
  • You might awaken in the morning with a headache or sore jaw and facial muscle pain that dissipates throughout the day.
  • You may also have teeth that are painful, loosened or worn down from prolonged teeth grinding.
  • Teeth, gums and/or bite appear to be suffering the effects of nighttime grinding.
  • Some people learn from the sleep partner because grinding is so loud it wakes them.
How to use : Usage procedure of Dentek Nightguard Mouthpiece includes 2 steps One is Test Fitting and the other is Custom Fitting.

Test Fitting :
  • Position DenTek NightGuard in your mouth and bite down.
  • Make sure it is aligned with your arch.
  • If the arch (U-shape) is too wide or too narrow, you can squeeze or stretch the dental protector to meet the arch of your mouth with all teeth comfortably resting on the dental protector.
  • If the length of the NightGuard extends beyond your last molar and feels uncomfortable, use scissors to cut along the trim guides, matching the curve of the trim lines.
  • Start at the first line from the end and try it again.
  • If that still is not comfortable, cut it again at the second line, remembering that it is best if all teeth touch the dental protector.
  • Continue this until the dental protector feels comfortable and all teeth are cushioned.
Custom Fitting :
  • Fill a pot with approximately 3 inches of water. Boil water until you see a rolling boil with bubbles. Remove pot from the heating element and let it rest for 60 seconds.
  • Place the dental protector face down into hot water for 30 seconds.
  • Remove dental protector using a metal spoon and submerge into a cup of room temperature water for one second to reduce the heat before fitting.
  • Position the dental protector in your mouth, aligning it with your teeth so that all of your teeth rest on the dental protector. Be sure the center of the NightGuard lines up between your two front teeth. You may need to squeeze or stretch the back of your NightGuard to align with your teeth.
  • Press in on the dental protector under your lips using your fingers along the gum line with equal amounts of pressure on both sides of the U from the front teeth to the side teeth molding the soft material up and around your teeth and gum line. Once everything is lined up, bite down firmly into the NightGuard.
  • Suck in to remove excess moisture and create a vacuum that allows.

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