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O.b. non-applicator tampons, multi-pack 40 each
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Three Tampon Absorbencies In One Convenient Package. o.b. Multi-Pak, 40 Tampons

12 regular absorbency:
For days when your flow is lighter, usually at the beginning and end of your period.

18 super absorbency: For a heavier level of flow, usually on the second or third day of your period.

10 super plus absorbency: For your heaviest flow days. Now o.b. expands better to fit your body! Improved 8 channel design for rounder expansion. Soft rounded tip helps you insert it gently and easily. Protection.

Fit. For You. During your period, your flow level can change from one day to the next. That's why o.b. developed this Multi-Pack.

You get three o.b. tampon absorbencies to meet your changing needs, in one convenient package. With o.b.

you can always count on great protection! All tampons are designated by absorbency and absorbency ratings are standard among all manufacturers so you can compare absorbencies among brands. All Regular Absorbency Tampons absorb the same amount (6-9 grams).

All Super Absorbency Tampons absorb the same amount (9-12 grams). All Super Plus Absorbency Tampons absorb the same amount (12-15 grams).

To reduce your risk of getting menstrual TSS, select the lowest absorbency to meet your needs. Use more than one o.b. absorbency type for maximum protection and comfort.

Regular Absorbency: Light Flow, 6-9g Super Absorbency: Moderate Flow, 9-12g Super Plus Absorbency: Heavy Flow, 12-15g Ultra Absorbency: Very Heavy Flow, 15-18g.

Cotton, Polyester, Polyethylene, Rayon.

  • Easy to use (illustrated on package side):
  • Use the string to flare and enlarge the base of the tampon.
  • Place index finger in this newly created indentation.
  • Use for 8 hours maximum.

  • Tampons are associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).
  • TSS is a rare but serious disease that may cause death.
  • Read and save enclosed information.

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